Vore Pit

Sundance – a small town in northeastern Wyoming, where there are several resorts that use the tourists who want to see the tower D & # 39; the devil, a key role in a film called "Closed meetings of the Third Kind." Immediately I called the house "Sundens Malyd" partner bank and train robber Butch KASIDA. With Sundance tourists often travel to the west, and then north on Interstate Highway 90 (I-90) to see the field-Beatle Bitgarn where siusav soldiers killed General Custer and the 7th Cavalry US. However, many tourists pass something at least interesting to see what is on the north-east of Sundance: "Leap Vore Buffalo".

Many of us are fascinated to learn about our family lineage. Internet genealogical search much easier than before. But what about the big picture? If the ancestors of all of us were members of the tribal society, feeding all had a daily problem. Especially when the tribe was moving and could not plant and harvest. Leap Vore Buffalo – is a place that is known tribal native states known today as Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota.

Why? They found a natural anomaly in the ground, near the modern Sundance. We know how important were the buffalo for many American tribes. Apparently, the importance of this animal was introduced into their cultures. In the end, the buffalo can be tough beasts, as well as the most meat animals, they can get to feed the tribe. In the stories, pictures and movies stunning scenes were described Americans who shoot buffalo rifle, spear or arrow. In Vury you will see a few buffalo at a time beaten warriors of the tribe, and they used their brains for it!

Not understanding the geology gypsum erosion that formed the massive sink hole, the soldiers knew where this shell, and no buffalo. Thus, why take out the buffalo for food now and then, if you can get dozens at once? Today jump Vore Buffalo – a treasure trove of archaeological bones estimated 20,000 buffalo, and many shells. It was the tribal zone of killing people, at least from 1500 to 1800 BC So far, excavations were carried out only about 5% (up to level 15 feet). Much of what is found, displayed in museums. You would not want to go to Sundance, and his wife and children did not miss? I do not think so.

Five tips for first timers Sturzhysa

When you first went to the Sturgis Rally, you can find these five tips to Sturgis for the first time. This will help to plan your trip and avoid unpleasant situations that could disrupt the rest of South Dakota Sturgis.

1: Determine your experience before you book your campsite.

One of the keys to getting the best experience Sturgis – is to know what you want, if you visit the Sturzhyse. Knowing what you want to experience, is likely to determine where you decide to camp. For example, you love to ride all day and come at a reasonable hour? Then you are sure you do not want to dwell on the type of camping party, such as The Buffalo Chip, instead, choose the camping, like any KOA or the camping, which is advertised as "quiet". Maybe you want more experience spring break? Maybe you want to be rowdy, partying all night and participate in some classes with adults. You'll be disappointed, thinking that you can do this on the main street of Sturgis, so choose the camping, like camping or Glencoe The Buffalo Chip, where they are the party never stops.

2: Avoiding the crowds / traffic

If you want to ride, but want to avoid the crowds and traffic, I decided not to go to the east? You can go east on Hwy 34, then head south to I90 and go back to Sturgis. This is a trip for the whole day, but pleasant, and free plenty of other bikers who visit the Black Hills.

3: Drink plenty of water

It goes without saying, but it must be said. You will be at a temperature of 90+ and may be drinking alcohol. Regardless of how you participate, always be in the hands of the bottle with water, and drink often. You won, you do not believe how much you will have to sweat in the Black Hills. Nothing can ruin a trip, as dehydration and heat stroke.

4: Pack warm clothes

Typically, the temperature in Sturgis is 90+ day, and at night the 70, but I was Sturzhyse, when it reached 40 degrees at night. Nothing but my leather jacket and T-shirt, I'm frozen. I would kill for a sweatshirt, and always packed to at least one, if I go.

5: Do not stuck in the passage at Sturgis

If you're headed to the campsites Lazelle St, which are 79 and 34, you can sit a long time at Junction Ave after exiting I-nineties Instead, use the side streets Davenport St, Fulton St. and middle St. to bypass traffic and faster to get to Lazel. Fulton Davenport and end at Howard, and you can get to Middle St with Howard.

The Complete Guide to Hotdesking

Hoddesking also called flexi working or location independent working. This is a completely new concept in the industry and very quickly gaining momentum. The concept works like this; employees do not have a special desk / cabin / cockpit for which they work, they come to work and take up space, free for which they are pre-booked.

Hotdesking concept is the basis of technology. It takes a considerable amount of money spent on technology and other infrastructure that are needed. There are advanced office systems to be set up, if in case the staff will use laptops / mobile phones, their acquisition will take time, and most importantly, so that employees can adapt to new working conditions.

Hotdesking concept is best suited for a company that has a large number of employees in the fields. Settings such as sales, project management, consulting, believe that such a setup is very beneficial. Hoddesking dramatically reduce overhead and management costs one employee. This will create more space in the office premises to accommodate the growing number of staff who really needs office equipment for the job.

Some of the benefits Hotdesking

  1. Reduction in the use of office space. This means that you now need fewer square feet of office space.
  2. This helps mobile workers to maintain effective communication with colleagues and clients.
  3. Companies see a significant increase in savings in terms of infrastructure spending.
  4. Employees have the advantage to choose a place of work, in which they will be comfortable. This means greater employee satisfaction.
  5. Also reduces transportation costs for employees. This means great savings for the company. Employees also do not experience shchapyatannya, since they do not need to travel long distances to work.
  6. Now with Hotdesking employees can better balance work and personal life.
  7. Hotdesking concept also increases the personnel qualification. Since this concept allows companies to employ people with high qualifications, but not comfortable to work in the traditional work environment.
  8. Hotdesking concept enhances the ability of cooperation between employees.

Hotdesking concept is also very helpful in the planning of disaster recovery planning. In an emergency, you need a lot of time, money and energy to develop an alternative platform for employees. But in the case with the concept of setting up an office Hoddeskinga just convenient. Since the employees are given the opportunity to use any desktop and any office, they can use any location and start to work, not wasting precious productive time. Companies have also begun to include Goddeskinga concept in their BCP / DR plans are very consciously.

With the development of technology rises concept Hoddeskinga. You can, of course, to say that the next generation of workstations come and we are against it?

City Rapid – Country large faces and places

South Dakota – a beautiful state located in the Midwestern region of the US. The state is bordered by other fascinating states such as Minnesota, Lovat, Wyoming, North Dakota and Montana. South Dakota – one of the most popular tourist destinations of the nation, because it offers some of the most famous landmarks in the form of Rushmore National Memorial, Sioux Falls with some of the most interesting cities such as Rapid City, Bat, etc.

Rapid City – one of the most interesting places of recreation for the whole family & # 39; and, if you are planning a vacation in South Dakota. It offers great opportunities for shopping, tables and outdoor activities for its guests. It is the second largest city in the state and has a backdrop of beautiful and exotic species of mountain ranges of the Black Hills. The city is divided into two distinct regions, namely East and West due to the mountain range.

The town is filled with several indoor and outdoor water park, to entertain and to please all family members & # 39; and regardless of age. It also exhibited excellent interactive museums, parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Outdoor activities include some recreational activities such as hiking, mountain biking trails, etc.

Some of the city's most famous attractions include the Museum of travel, Dahl Arts Center, Reptile Gardens, Crystal Cave Park and a number of others who must visit attractions.

Travel Museum – fascinating place to visit during the tour in this exciting city. A visit to this place will be back in the ancient years, the Black Hills. Museum takes about seven hectares of land, and its exposure include relics of paleontology, archeology, geology, as well as the pioneers of the West and the Indians.

The division of the museum of paleontology and geology contains skeletons of dinosaurs, along with rock formations, which are within the gold. Here are exhibited items pioneers "Minnilusa". In the archaeological section provides information about the early ancestors of Homo sapiens, who were residents of the Black Hills. The museum also presents several temporary exhibitions, which last a few weeks or months. This is one of the must visit places of the city.

Reptiles Garden with & # 39; is a major tourist attraction of the city, since he & # 39 is the perfect home to some of the most spectacular reptiles, such as alligators, rattlesnakes snakes and birds of prey. This is a unique and unusual place for a family holiday. He also is Dressers Dragons, who have become the main attraction of the garden.

Garden took the position, which is included in the top ten US roadside attractions.

Crystal Caves show a series of caves located near Rapid City, South Dakota. The cave presents various types of rock formations, such as the formation of bird baths, calcite popcorn lonzhanka and sandals. Walls and ceilings cave strongly crystallize, which makes them a piece of the miracle.

South Dakota is filled with many other tourist attractions and exotic lakes, such as Lake Richmond Yar Park, Fulton, Curl, Woodville Lake, etc., that will definitely make your trip to this place memorable.

Black Hills of South Dakota – a zero for your vacation on the old West adventure

Nowhere else in the United States, you will not find the field, so impregnated with ancient western folklore, art, mystery and tradition, that at the moment, when you come into your mind, will not help but destroy the illusion psevdashchastsya derived from modern creature comforts and begin to absorb the reality what life was really like for our predecessors since the nineteenth century.

It was a life in the harsh, and only survived the toughest, most leather men and women. It was not easy, but it was real, and joy had only a real cowboy: living every moment to the full, constantly feeling oily skin and interfering with their problems in the opposite situation, ready to chew. and spit out the weak. These people have been forged in steel, relentlessly fought relentless ground and plant resistance, strength, and true happiness that you and I can only imagine.

Atsenivshysya one of the five most dangerous cities in the old west, Deadwood, South Dakota, can be summed up in one word: relationships. Drinking cowboy has become a litmus test, which determined whether it can survive any confrontation will lie in the mud to feed the buzzards. if he could look down on some mischievous nut and make him go away with its tail between your legs? You can bet that he could leave.

This is the city where the famous gunner and lawyer James "Wild Bill" Hickok was shot while playing the last hand of poker, the famous "Dead man": two black aces and two black eights. Frontier scout Jane Jane roamed the streets of these deaths, as did the sheriff with solid nails Seth Ballack.

Gold was the birth mother of the debashyrnaga city, and where there is gold, violence and corruption. Through treacherous throat full of dead wood, running stream, rich in gold, the like of which has not been since the heyday of California. He drew all the dross and bakaviki from all over the country, bulging itching to carve out its own prize. Not uncommon territorial disputes are resolved by a bullet.

Tourists can still go under the "Broken boots" broken land mines and view the residential rabavanyya miners more than a century ago. You can even patelnyavats gold if you like. And, following the tradition of gambling, there are several historic gaming halls, where you can try your luck in the hands of cards; just be sure to keep your back to the wall …

Located a few miles from the town of Keystone – the famous national monument Mount Rushmore. The grand concept, fully realized in huge quantities, these sixty feet legs carved in the granite mountains. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln act as evidence of the ingenuity and perseverance of the American spirit. Just as impressive as the sight of this massive stone sculpture, actually work on their construction is even more admirable.

The initial explosion of dynamite and carving began in 1927 and ended (due to lack of federal funding) in 1941, a total of fourteen grueling, indestructible work, as well as several tragic, dramatic death, which are the same for the course in this way. important initiative. The first work of this writer after graduating from high school, he worked at a concession, located in the base of Mount Rushmore. It was a lovely way to spend a summer, absorbing the old culture and history of the West, and then, as a reward for our efforts, the staff went to a special tour to the summit of sculpture. Here I was allowed to stand at the precipice of the head of Jefferson and, for the first time, to fully understand what it is, as it should be, to hang in the air a hammer and a chisel, a few feet drowsy rope, which ensures you against capital falling below the rough rocks.

In order not to go too far, a few kilometers down the road is a memorial Var & # 39; yatav horses. Offered as the world's largest mountain carving, the sculpture of the main pitch & # 39; yatskaga horse Aglaly Lakota (still in its infancy) with & # 39 is a tribute to the relentless Indian people incredible odds. Along with the sculpture itself is impressive Indian Museum of North American history, which presents artifacts of American Indian peoples from different US states.

Travel to the south-west of Rapid City to Fire, and you will come to the National Monument Jewel Cave. This cave is unique to the United States for several different reasons: it is not only the second longest cave in the world (one hundred and fifty miles, and most of the inter & # 39; career maze still unexplored), it also takes the planet. the most impressive collection of crystal legs, nails and kaltsytavyh karuchkov; hence the name Cave Values. The tour lasts a half-mile, came back after a ninety-minute tour in the pristine depths.

These are just a few attractions and activities to participate in your travels on the Black Hills of South Dakota. So, Cowboy! and get ready for an amazing historical journey in this country the number one point the old west to rest. And remember: keep the powder dry, partner.