Visit South Dakota Park for the weekend and explore the entire park

Vadaspadny park in the center of Sioux Falls occupies 123 acres. This park has 7,400 gallons of water and includes the observation tower, open-air shelter house a winter wonderland and a variety of Christmas ornaments season.

Daylight saving time for Falls Park keeps it open from 5 am to 12 am. However, one thing is very strict: people can not drink alcohol here in the Falls Park.


Located in Sioux Falls South Dakota and exciting place for a great weekend. There are many things to do, and in the immediate vicinity there is a state park "palisade". There is a purity, which is maintained and pragulnyya zone but local basketball and hockey teams to sell their games. However, do not forget to play the colder arenas.

Do not miss

Walking around the city, Sioux Falls allows you to walk through the city center to the Vera park and back to the East coast. The city is clean, as in a dream, and restaurants that offer the best breweries, such as CH Patisserie. You can try the beer in the courtyard of the Midwest in the House Hit Monks.

control laws

  • Maximum speed limit 80mphph. On the highway, the speed is limited to 55 to 80 miles / h, maintaining the exception of urban areas near Rapid City, Sioux Falls and North Sioux City.
  • South Dakota strictly relates to the use of seat belts and infant.
  • Drivers should slow down the speed limit of at least 20 miles / h on the double-girder shashah, but drivers in long-distance traffic must merge into the far lane and motorists must slow down the movement of the car with yellow or amber flashing lights.
  • Motorists should be 18 years or older and must wear a safety helmet, and even the passenger should be wearing eye protection.
  • Rules prohibited parking must know, for example, prohibited parking at a distance of 15 feet of a fire hydrant in front of a private or public road, 20 feet from an intersection or crosswalk, 30 feet away from any sign of punctuation, migtselnaga signal or traffic signal.
  • Other places where specified parking is prohibited.

Remember that violations of the law about parking in South Dakota are punishable by fines, and if you pay for parking, your insurance rates will be safe.


  • The nearest station – Webber (East Side) and a 9-minute walk, and Weber 4th corner of a 12-minute walk away, and the 6th Kilia College is a 15-minute walk.
  • On the way, walk ye in Minnesota Avenue north to Sixth Street, turn east and go through the 3rd quarter of Phillips Avenue. Turn to the north and along the road to get to the Falls Park. The first lot is on the left in the parking lot.

gravity point

Queen Bee Mill

This seven-storey care children Richard Petsigry. He bought the land and built the structure of the art mill, which processes every day about 1,500 bushels, but in 1883 it was closed due to lack of wheat and water power.

Winter Wonderland

The park of the year in mid-November to mid-January exciting lights are working. This ride is not to be missed.

The whole park has a plurality of permanent sculptures, besides the rotating pieces of sculpture.

Shelter under the open sky
This Farmers & # 39; The house is on the market available for special events and large picnics.