Important equipment for wakeboard: what you need for a great experience wakeboard

Planting in the evenings – it is such a great sport that many people hooked. This gives a new dimension of opportunities where you can express themselves. Exciting sport that gives you a whole new excitement, thrills and fun, all fused into one. Almost anyone can experience this relatively new sports craze.

Collect the correct transmission – is the first step in planting. Begin by knowing the basic equipment needed for wakeboarding. They can meet, get to know if the riders who already have their own equipment. In addition, there are great resources on the Internet. Here are the main equipment used in wakeboarding.


Change your boat before you even try to become budilshchykam. If it comes in the wake of water skiers and veykbordistav completely different purpose. Skiers, rude, they do not want to wake up. Wake bumpers want maximum awakening. You'll be surprised how much better you'll be if you give yourself a good trail.

Almost any boat can be a good fit, but if you have a good tournament, you can do a particularly good boat. Ski boats have excellent power and control – all you need – it is the "awakening of matter." wake-up material – literally matter that makes wake – is weight. Basically, all the suras & # 39; serious veykbordysty use a few giant bags of water that they are generally referred to as Fat Sacs (which also happens brand name). Two bags, one on each side of the engine, – a good starting point. This will add about 600 pounds to your boat and at least a foot. If you just miss out on the trail, like a stone on a pond, you need a large wake.

The next key to increase the air & # 39 is the use of an extended pylon. Most riders refer to these poles as the Skylons (and other brand). Elongated pylon can provide you good air on semi-cabin, providing a sharp rise up, without much effort on your part. This will give you extra time to float in order to really spoil this movement and & # 39 will be the waiting time that you are looking for. Large waves plus the horizon is really wakeboarder – automatic acceptance on the lake.


Boarding ropes made of Spectra, Spectra-Fusion and Tak, have a zero plaque, look almost like armrests and weigh almost nothing. Almost all standard cables up to 60 feet, 15 feet shorter than a ski rope, but they can be ordered to accommodate longer lengths.


In veykbordystav have their own boards. It seems that the lawyers of the Old West had their own guns, you come to the boat all set – with your own board. Do not meet with colleagues. Never will not feel like your, and with the definition in styles today, you'll look like a cook who drives your friend and a mini-syringe, if you weigh 100 pounds more. In addition, the more you want to be a wakeboarder, the newer the board you should ride. Model quickly become outdated, and you have with you. New school rules!


It is not recommended to share boots just like sharing boards. You would not wear a friend Air Jordans. And do not think that the straps are acceptable for surfing because they are regulated. They – the ancient relics, and if you do not tow in Hawaii, you'll look stupid. These shoes are shoes, especially high-tech models, such as boots and CWB Vert Fulltilt XTC (very futuristic) own boots such as Bad Ass Bindings or Wiley & # 39; s or the top line Hyperlite Storm Troopers or Liquid Force Super suction.

It is important to have all of them, if you really suras & # 39; ozna belong to this rider.