The reasons for visiting France – 5 things that you might not think

Americans have long loved to travel to France, especially in Paris. Millions visit there annually. Many of those who visit once, plan to return. Some rethinking many times. Why? Paris exciting. Elegant. Historic. Complex. Stylish. Memorable. Cultural. Art. Quoting Henry Miller, "When spring comes to Paris, the most humble mortal alive must feel that they live in paradise." With reference to Thomas Jefferson, "walk around Paris will give the lessons of history, beauty and way of life."

Many reasons for visiting France in general and Paris in particular – the ones you already know. Friends and relatives who have traveled to France, may have brought home stories that sparked your curiosity and your desire to see for himself. You've seen the pictures and movies. Have you heard about the wonders of the Eiffel Tower, which rises like a giant erectors, with an elevator to get you to the top to get a view of the Seine and the city. You know about the exceptional art museums, the Louvre and the Orsa preserving a stunning collection of buildings, which are themselves a & # 39 are historical, architectural treasures, a former palace and a second elegant century railway station, built for the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1900.

Probably, you will also have heard about the food and wine, as well as the greatest pleasure of good food, optimal for an outdoor table in the charming restaurants that carefully attend every detail of your experience. You may have heard about the beauty of the countryside, with drifts of lavender and cities on the slopes of the slopes, perfect farms and spectacular mountains and coastal areas. Of course, you've heard about the history and architecture, fashion and style.

So what else can you say that will add to these and other motivations you already have in mind a visit to France? These five reasons – those which you may have not yet thought of. Perhaps they could translate the balance in favor of your journey and accelerate your path.

French – it is people you will love to experience and learn
Put aside what you may have heard about the hostility of the French. This is simply not the case. But the French are extremely polite and have a more formal and rigid social codes than Americans. This may cause them to face as few and far between. But you can get past this obvious social alertness, knowing a little about how the French communication and interaction. If travelers coming to him with the same courtesy, the French are responsible favor, friendliness, warmth, curiosity and fascination.

Even minimal efforts to speak on the basics in French – hello and goodbye, please, thank you, sorry, and you – bring a high level of profit. And yes, the French will be attempt to speak in English with you as soon as you break the ice, trying to talk to them even a little French. Experience with the French can become strong and cherished dreams.

France – a living museum and a live art
Visiting France offers many opportunities to walk through the outstanding museums. But visible remnants of French history in any case are not limited to museums. Traveling through the streets of the old city, walking through the park, visiting the market town or passing through the huge stone gates of the city of the city, you will find life, history, architecture and art of days gone by.

And what a colorful history. In Avignon you sit on a bench in the courtyard in front Pope's Palace , Home to seven of the papal popes, beginning with the French popes who refused to move to Rome, preferring to continue to live in France. In Orel, you will walk in the footsteps of Van Gogh and visit these places, which are now marked by easels and shows on the map a walking tour where the unbalanced genius was to create his famous starlight night and Night Cafe Terrace .

In Amboise you visit a luxurious palace Françoise I, and then walk down the street and the hill to the lovely villa that Françoise gave her beloved friend, inventor and artist Leonardo da Vinci, a secret tunnel that connects the palace and the villa so that they could at will visit them.

In Paris, you will stand in the courtyard of the Louvre, a small triumphal arch built by Napoleon, and it will look great along the boulevard, a length of more than five miles, to a much greater Arc de Triomphe at the other end. You will walk grande All ev through beautiful Tuileries gardens , Created by Catherine de 'Medici, a model of the palace gardens in her native Florence, that she missed so much.

Coming out of the gardens, you arrive at the historic public square, where during the French Revolution, the guillotine was erected to cut off the king, the queen and other French nobles. In this square is now worth an ancient obelisk from the entrance of the Luxor temple in Egypt, which was a self-styled Khedive Ottoman Empire in exchange for the newest technological marvel France, watches it found to be very accurate, but it never worked.

Living museums and live art.

French way of life moves always make you more healthy and alive person
During a visit to France, you will walk more than you could imagine, but you barely notice the effort. France Walk not in the least sad, so you will be happy to do it. Farewell treadmill.

While the American way of life is based on the cars, the French are guided on the go. If you arrive in each city or town, your quest will begin with a walk through the neighborhood. Here you will discover shops, which are regularly visited by – a liquor store, deli, bakery, fresh market. You will walk into these stores regularly, possibly every day.

You go down to the river to catch a boat to see the bridge, watching the sunset, to sit on the bench. You will go to the open market, and then watch them on the goodies, and from there go to the park on a lovely picnic, consisting of your purchases – delicious strawberries, freshly baked baguettes, sausages and pates, cheeses and olives, and, of course, a nice bottle of wine.

You will wander through the pedestrian streets, browsing the shops, choosing the cafe outdoor table, from which you can people watch your content. In the afternoon you will go to the Cathedral to hear the concert on the powerful body or attend the service. Later in the evening, you again walk around the dinner in a nearby restaurant magic followed by a visit to the piano at the jazz evening. And then back to the river, sagebrush in lights, to watch the boats passing by.

From the metro stop in Montmartre you reach the cable car and get to the top steps of the basilica, and then to Tetra place watch the sidewalks artists. Later, you will pass by the Basilica and climb steep stairs to dinner at one of the most picturesque umbrellas on magic. l & # 39; Eté en Pente Douce .

If your journey continues, you will gradually feel healthy and alive. Your energy level will increase. Over time, walking everywhere will begin to seem normal. And what you're going to be constantly exciting.

French way of attraction will give you more captivating version
In France, you will find another way of interpersonal interaction. As Americans, many of us hardly notice how we have become islands and movements. We work too much. We combine too little. We take ourselves too suras & # 39; ozna, and we may be interested in himself. Unfortunately, we have too little notice and too little time to dedicate to the people in our lives.

In France, not. French culture of interaction is evident from the moment you set foot in the country. It is a culture which takes a two-hour lunch and spend this time in animated conversation with friends and colleagues. If the working day is over, rather than might be expected, they are flocking back to the cafe to sit at the table and discuss the philosophy and life. At the table next to you can see how the pair has a decanter of wine, each of which attends what others say, and carefully looking into each other's eyes as if their friend was the center of the universe.

If you make a purchase on the open market, vegetable seller will listen carefully to understand what you want, and then carefully select only the necessary things. serious efforts to ensure that your choices were the design and color that best suit you and enhance your look, on clothing stalls in the market stylish matron gain immediate and intuitive sense of your style and personality with surprising receptivity, and then will make sur & # 39.

In restaurants, you experience a stormy note your waiter is ready to offer its expert advice to meet your dining room. When you walk into the store in search of gifts for their very favorite in-law, the owners will help you with great deals, and then offer eagerly, nicely wrap the perfect gift in paper and bows.

While you're in France, you will have very little sterile deals But many are attracted interaction . Over time, the pleasure of this difference will start to have an impact on you and the way you feel about others. If you allow yourself to take it all in, you will be more careful to listen more suras & # 39; ozna express their ideas and with great attention and curiosity to see people around you. And after a few visits to the bright French open markets and intriguing shops, your view of the purchase will be changed forever.

You bring home changed appearance, how to live
Much of what you experience while traveling in France, is likely to affect you long after you return home. You will be returned to the other, more vivid look at how you can live. And this new perspective can lead to significant improvements in your life at home.

Now you will know how much processing could be communicating with people who are doing differently than you, knowing that you can apply with them, learn from them and enjoy them.

You will understand how healthy you will feel if you walk more. It can push you find the opportunity to do this at home, I hope, in the direction of such interest, as well as those that you have experienced in France, even if you need to first get to an area where walking can be a pleasure.

And you will know the pleasure more intense and closely interact with the people in your life. You will understand the benefits and value of time to have lunch together and talk with the eyes and mind. Instead of a cafe on the corner, you may need to set up a cafe on the front porch. But, having a creative, you will be able to move this over busy style of communication – to share their thoughts and observations, philosophy and reasoning.

The sum of these unexpected reasons to visit France is to ensure that your trip will have on you and your partner on the journey. Your journey through France to enrich you. It will refresh you. And it will change you. And all of this will benefit. Good luck!