Ghost towns in Fargo, North Dakota

You are close to Fargo and looking for a little adventure or some great photos? Close to Fargo has several surprising findings that are really interested in you, especially if you are captured again show commentator on the hunt for ghosts or History Channel. Ghost towns near Fargo will keep you busy and on my feet all day!

I'm sure you probably thought ghost towns were only down south in Arizona or Texas, but they are actually scattered throughout the United States. North Dakota has a share of ghost towns, ghost towns 66 and 10 near Fargo. In some of the more abandoned buildings still standing than others, and some still have a few people.

Arena, North Dakota, was abandoned in fact, not so long ago. It looks like a small town, but no one lives there. The remaining remnants of the school, the elevator, the church and some residences. White church with gray wood is particularly photogenic. Arena is located 180 km from Fargo.

Havana is 109 miles south of Fargo, near the South Dakota border. The whole city is full of abandoned buildings.

In Kidville a few foundations and left blocks, but has a very interesting history. It is 1.5 km south-west of Fort Ransom, and 88 miles from Fargo. The heyday of the city was between 1897 and 1923. This is the first city in the county, received a phone. From 1917 to 1919 Var & # 39; yaty sheltered the fugitive in the city and threatened the inhabitants of the murder.

Sherbruk is located 84 km from Fargo and has several overgrown vacant houses and stone foundations of a large building. He was once a district Steele County.

Garfield is located 71 km from Fargo. The city was moved in 1884 River Park, but still remain traces Kitsana, cemetery and church.

North Almonte is 229 miles from Fargo. The town has a grain elevator and a residue.

Omemee is 258 miles from ONLY Fargo, and all that remains – this is the streets, sidewalks and about eight buildings. The city was founded at the intersection of two railroads. The last residents left in the 1980s.

Hamberg is located in 178 km from Fargo with dirty streets, which are destroyed wooden structures and old stone buildings. There is an abandoned bank, post office, school and church.

If you go to ghost towns, be sure to bring your camera, get out and walk. Imagine what life was like and how the city looked in recent years.